How To Become The Highest Paid Life Coach In The UK – guest Michael Serwa

Guest: Michael Serwa

Welcome to another episode of Marketing MasterClass podcast. My guest today is Michael Serwa – the highest paid life coach in the UK, author of the book “From Good To Amazing”.


  • How did he achieve his success? What was his master plan? A little over 5 years ago he would have only earned 20 pounds per session.
  • Why he recommends taking your time – is that really the solution?
  • Is being obsessed good for your business?
  • Discover how to become a great coach?
  • Would you work for free in your current business/ job?
  • Choose your clients wisely – can you be picky when you first start out?
  • When is the best time to think about your own branding?
  • First things first – think about the customers!
  • How to position yourself to charge premium prices?
  • The exact way to create a relationship with your client, be accessible.
  • Building your tribe – Michael’s “know how” on growing and caring for your tribe.
  • We explore this age-old question – Is there any way to overcome procrastination?
  • Does the baby-step approach make sense in business?
  • – is the place where you can find help, without spending money
  • Why you should invest in your own coach and how to overcome money stopping you. Get what you need. The income may be stunning!


How to make contact with Michael:



Twitter: @M_serwa

LinkedIn: @mserwa