How to be obsessed with online marketing – Grant Cardone

In todays episode of Marketing MasterClass Im talking with Grant Cardone, who is a very successful entrepreneur, #1 sales trainer in the world, top 10 most influential CEO in United States, #1 most influential marketers in 2017, he owns 4000 real estate units, #1 NewYorkTimes bestselling author who has written 7 books, created 12 digital products. Grant is a husband, father and a mentor for millions around the world.


  • How to keep on being obsessed with achieving your goals!
  • Its very popular to hustle, grind, keep working but Grant didn’t want to just work for work. He didnt want to hustle or grind. He felt that if you arent in love with what you do, if you arent obsessed with your goals (and it doesnt always mean money or power, it may be about a great marriage), you wont be happy with what you do.
  • How to have control and freedom at the same time its crucial to have both. For example; Without the control over your car, you dont have the freedom to drive it.
  • How to think big? Get rid of people who think small!
  • Should we embrace haters? If nobody hates you, nobody knows you.
  • Keep away from the neigh sayers!
  • Youve got to do it big, or dont do it at all.
  • You have to get attention on social media so you need a variety of posts.
  • How to find inspiration for creating content? Strategy is one thing, hard work is the other thing, but being obsessed is totally different experience. Grant picks up inspiration from his everyday life and things he actually does.
  • Be selective about what you have in your life

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